Tim Wheeler, singer, guitarist, songwriter
Mark Hamilton and I both were given guitars for Christmas while we were 12.

I suppose there was a chunk of Mars placing over us. I turned into taking note of Pixies, who were sci-fi obsessed. My sister is eighteen years older than me and changed into a David Bowie fan in her teens. Our practice session room have been her den, and he or she’d written Life on Mars in large letters on the wall. I think I additionally noticed a movie called Girl from Mars, or some thing, in a TV listing magazine. It turned into on at 4am so I never watched it, however I made my personal story for the song.

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I’d damaged up with my first girlfriend, which become very excessive, past love. I’d constantly been a satisfied child however for the first time was experiencing teenage angst, which I poured into the music. Aged 17, I become already nostalgic for those happier times. The preceding summer time, I’d long past on a own family holiday to France. We met a group of cool kids and spent time at the seashore, smoking cigars, that’s in which the line approximately “Henri Winterman cigars” comes from.

The first demo I did by myself sounds very similar to a Teenage Fanclub music, mid pace and jangly. When we played it as a band, we sped it up and it have become more like the Buzzcocks. Live, it got a response at once. After our manager found us and we signed to Infectious Records, they put us within the studio to report a mini-album, however specifically instructed us to no longer document Girl from Mars. They knew it had the capability to be successful and desired to keep it returned till we’d left school and could promote it nicely.

We ultimately recorded it in Rockfield Studios in Monmouth with producer Owen Morris while he had a damage from operating on the Verve’s A Northern Soul. But the label and management notion we hadn’t got it quite right, so we went returned in to complete it with Phil Thornalley, who’d been inside the Cure and produced Torn for Natalie Imbruglia. I turned into finishing my A-stages once I first heard Girl from Mars on the radio. Then two days later we have been gambling Glastonbury. It’s been at the setlist for every gig we’ve performed ever seeing that. I’m now not positive they’d allow us to out of venues if we didn’t play it.

Rick McMurray, drummer
I’d visible Tim and Mark playing in Vietnam at college. The singer walked off degree at some point of the gig, so Tim had to take over on vocals. I became the year above Tim and we got speakme for the duration of the faculty play, and he advised I pass round for a jam. By the second one rehearsal, they’d kicked the alternative men out of the group so it was simply Tim, Mark and me. Then everything simply snowballed.

We have been full of electricity, teenage hormones, and the pleasure of being in a band. When we first went into the studio, getting a a success take supposed just attending to the end of the song without all and sundry preventing. By the time we did Girl from Mars, we’d in all likelihood recorded 10 or 12 songs, however that one took us to some other degree. It became very catchy and industrial.

Recording with Owen Morris became bonkers. For Girl from Mars, the day started out within the pub after which Owen went: “Right, permit’s visit a charity save and get a few ladies’s clothes!” We notion: “This is what bands do.” And we truely were given on board with the idea, which changed into sort of a laugh. It turned into like we were wearing our grannies’ garments. It actually broke the tension of being a younger band within the studio.

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