Iam in pain. I’m sitting at domestic sporting a Breton top and 2 sunglasses, my hair freshly bleached, my stomach swollen and sore. Perhaps that’s because I actually have just eaten 5 tins of Campbell’s condensed cream of mushroom soup. Why would each person try this? Well, I’m looking to stay like Andy Warhol, the pop artist who died inside the 1980s however is still a household name. And it’s no longer going easily.

Like the cafes of Paris or the skyscrapers of New York, Warhol is is so omnipresent in popular way of life, the common individual may want to in all likelihood draw a terrific likeness of him, no matter understanding little about him. It’s the identical together with his paintings. Every framed tin of Campbell’s soup or color-saturated portrait of Marilyn Monroe screams Warhol. And most people are acquainted with his maximum well-known quote: “In the destiny, anyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

Despite all this, I don’t suppose humans clearly get Warhol’s work. Or, at the least, I don’t. I have no idea what Warhol become trying to say or communicate, with that quote or any of his work. This would be pleasant, if he wasn’t the maximum famous modern artist on Earth. I’ve even listened to interviews and study articles to get solutions, but in them Warhol could infamously shirk or lie each time pressed approximately what his paintings intended. “I’m afraid that in case you examine a thing long enough,” he once stated, “it loses all of its meaning.”

‘Maybe I need to have diluted it’ … Oobah with the food that inspired Warhol.
FacebookTwitterPinterest ‘Maybe I need to have diluted it’ … Oobah with the meals that stimulated Warhol. Photograph: Jake Lewis/The Guardian
So, for a week or so, I’m going to stay as him: don his garments, run in the coolest circles, recreate his most unearthly artworks and in all likelihood even find repute.

Sounds easy, right? Well, you strive downing five tins of condensed cream of mushroom soup (I couldn’t get tomato). Warhol said he grew up ingesting Campbell’s, which stimulated his breakthrough piece of work – that right away recognisable stack of identically painted canned items. But really no person has eaten Campbell’s condensed soup due to the fact rationing ended? Maybe I have to have eaten much less – and diluted it, as they advocate. Anyway, the answer is not inside the soup, I realise. I have to cross deeper – I must make artwork.

Why changed into Warhol, like some kind of Midas-fingered Dale Winton, in a position pull merchandise from grocery store cabinets, slap his call on them, then sit lower back and watch as they have become art? Was it due to the fact the ones gadgets – from soup cans to cola bottles – have been wildly popular, or at least offered in massive quantities? Or became it that they have been just very, most unlikely topics for artistic endeavors? It’s possibly a piece of each.

Breakthrough second … Oobah’s art work on display.
Breakthrough second … Oobah’s artwork on show. Photograph: Jake Lewis/The Guardian
The query is: what object would be nowadays’s equivalent? Well, there’s something experiencing a growth. A product this is out of stock in cornershops round the arena. A product that six weeks in the past turned into priced at round £14 a % but changed into recently juiced up on Amazon to £a hundred and forty. A product that is the focal point of public attention. I’m wondering, of direction, approximately the face mask. How would people react if I offered a face masks as a bit of art? I simply want to discover the right region to show it.

After trawling Facebook Marketplace to supply a giant wood box and an aquarium, I have my ingredients. Next, I need to convert my container right into a plinth, because of this painting it white, a task that ruins my jeans and makes use of up a roll of kitchen paper. But quickly I even have everything I need. We’re prepared for Museum Lane in Kensington. Out on the cobbled stones, surrounded by all those beautifully coloured homes, I assemble the piece: a pitcher dice on a tall white plinth with a face mask displayed inside. I sign my name in pen and, crouching at a distance, watch as commercial enterprise humans tempo with the aid of without preventing. Some hurrying commuters look dismissively. Oh Christ, I suppose, it appears awful: a monstrosity cooked up with the aid of a failing artwork scholar.

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